Workshop Stock Collection - 2lb10.7oz


Workshop stock 

Hand selected workshop stock,Manufactured in our favourite shape with a mid to low sweet spot, oval handle and a deep, powerful bow. This bat offers a timeless and traditional silhouette, impressive shape provide a spacious striking area, allowing for eye-catching form and finesse in a lighter weight. Ideal for the player seeking an elegant bat, the oval handle ensures a robust balance and grip with the inclusion of a new the ever lasting Suffolk maroon grip !

Garrard Crafted 2023 laser engraving with our newest favourite style grip provide the ultimate Garrard styling. 

Only available from Garrard Cricket Online. 

Workshop Stock Grade
Mid to Low sweet spot
2lb 10.7oz 
Toe Guard and Scuff Sheet 
Oval handle shape
Black chevron Grip 
Garrard Crafted Laser Engraving


Please see our warranty, terms or sale and and bat care information, in our about page or in the links below. 

Standard Delivery on workshop stock items is £8.50, Once your product has shipped, it usually takes 2 to 3 business days on standard delivery in the UK and 5 to 15 for the rest of the world. If you have not received your products, feel free to contact us using our contact page. 

Due to the nature of the timber used to make our bats, Garrard Cricket Bats are covered against manufacturing faults for 6 months from the date of purchase unless stated otherwise. PLEASE NOTE - Bats purchased from our Workshop Stock range or our eBay account come with no warranty or option of return.
Workshop Stock Bats may come with imperfections such as pin knots, large knots, wind damage and or pressing cracks, due to these imperfections we offer NO WARRANTY on these bats. 
Bats that are purchased as part of a custom or special stock order have no option of return as they are ordered as custom bats and cannot be returned into stock.
Bats must be returned with a proof of purchase invoice, failure to adhere to the Garrard bat care recommendations will affect your warranty.
Bat warranty does not include normal wear and tear, miss-use, accidental or deliberate damage to the edges or toe due to insufficient knocking in and preparation.
If you believe that warranty applies to the damage of your bat, it must be returned to the Garrard workshop promptly, where an analysis of the damage will be made.
Orders placed from overseas may incur import charges in the selected country of delivery. Bats or order that are returned to us with or for unpaid import charges will be nonrefundable. 
Cricket bats are made from natural materials and the weights of the bats may fluctuate slightly as the seasons change and weights may not be exactly as advertised. 

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